Catalyst Percussion PIO

Downey, CA

Show Title
Breaks Us


Show Description
CATALYST explores a moment of transcendence, as two dimensional beings discover a third: the exploration, the ecstasy, the addiction, and complete ascendance. After this period of expansion they are left by it all unsatisfied,it Breaks Us.

Brian Vicente - Founder, Executive Director
Harry Hutchins - Percussion Caption Head
Rebecca Pasillas - Front Ensemble Caption Head
Michael Schlotter - Visual Caption Head
Colin Broadwater - Battery Coordinator
Josh Lindsey - Movement Ensemble Specialist
Adam Kuns - Snare Instructor
Bonnie Guo - Bass Drum Instructor
Brady Giard - Bass Drum Instructor
James Chavez - Front Ensemble Instructor
Phil Rose - Front Ensemble Instructor
Jacob Parcell - Rhythm Section consultant
Stefania Castaneda - Administrative Support
Lily Hutchins - Administrative Support
Rudy Viano - Logistics and Transportation
Josh Hall - Consultant at Large

Remo Drumheads
Vic Firth
On2 Percussion
Vicentian, Inc.

Semi-Trucks: 0
Trailers: 1
Buses: 0
Carpool Vehicles: 10

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