Hoover HS PSO

Glendale, CA

Show Title
The Courage to Fail


Show Description
This show invites you to see failure not as an end, but as a journey of continual growth, openness, and the beauty found in embracing vulnerability. An exploration of resilience and strength that arises from repeated fails, and the community found in uplifting each other.

The Hoover Winter Line is under the Direction of Melissa Campbell.

Staff include:
Battery Caption Head - Erik Guzman
Battery Instructors - Alex Silva, D'Mitri Asulei, and Narek Davtyan
Front Ensemble Caption Head - Lauren Rooke
Front Ensemble Instructor - Celine Munoz
Cymbal Instructors - Christian Ortega and Naomi Voyles

Show Design & Music by Zach Wilson and Aya Strauss.

Special thanks to the Hoover Instrumental Music Boosters and Parents for all of your support!

Tama Marching Percussion
Innovative Percussion

Semi-Trucks: 0
Trailers: 2
Buses: 0
Carpool Vehicles: 9